Cardiganshire Militia 1781-1782


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Musters of the Cardiganshire Militia 1781-82 WO 13/233 (PRO, Kew)
� Liz Hore and Stuart Tamblin, 2000

The Militia Act of 1757 provided for men to serve in the militia at home in
order to counter any threat arising when the majority of the regular army was
stationed abroad. Lists of eligible men in each parish were known as militia
ballot lists and from these, the men actually chosen appeared in the militia
lists which are often to be found in county record offices. At the Public
Record Office, however, are to be found the Muster and Pay Lists (class WO
13) and enrolment lists (WO 68). The initial lettercode of the PRO piece
number relates to the department in which the document originated (here the
War Office). The first number indicates the class, which is a collection of
documents of the same type. After the oblique stroke (slash), the other
number refers to the actual document within the class. The full reference is
required if you wish to order this particular item to be seen at Kew.

The Pay Lists were kept when the Militia was embodied, ie at times of war.
Thus, they can be found for 1781-82, the latter stages of the American War of
Independence, when France and Spain declared war on Britain. The Militia
was disembodied in 1783 and the Pay Lists were no longer maintained. The
records start again during the French Wars, some from 1793 and others from
as late as 1804.

The Militia was funded from the Land Tax so there are some references to it
in PRO Class E 182. The men received Marching Money whilst embodied
for the period 1780-83 and there were expenses paid for local meetings.

A sample has been taken of four counties from E 182 and the information
found to be variable. Somerset lists the names of the men and where they
enlisted. Cornwall only names the officers. Buckinghamshire names the
officers and non-commissioned officers. Cambridgeshire has a mixture.

There were four Companies of Cardiganshire Militia commanded by the

Lt Colonel John CAMPBELL Major William LEWIS
Captain Edward Warren JONES Captain William BRIGSTOCKE

A few men disappeared from the Muster with no indication of their fate. In
these cases, there is an X in the Muster column.

In this document there are records of four Musters:

1) All Companies met at Portsmouth on 07 September 1781 and recorded
service from 25 December 1780 to 24 June 1781.

All Musters were signed by Thomas Sadleirs, Commissary Musters
and Edward Linzee, Mayor of Portsmouth.

2) All Companies met at Winchester on 25 March 1782 and recorded service
from 25 June to 24 December 1781.

All Musters were signed by Thomas Sadleirs, Commissary Musters
and John Doswell, Mayor of Winchester.

3) All Companies met at Gosport on 16 August 1782 and recorded service
from 25 December 1781 to 24 June 1782.

All Musters were signed by Thomas Sadleirs, Commissary Musters
and John Carter at Portsmouth.

4) All Companies met at Carmarthen on 28 February 1783 and recorded
service from 25 June to 24 December 1782.

All Musters were signed by Thomas Bernard, Commissary Musters
and John Williams, Mayor of Carmarthen.


Any extracts from or references to this publication should please
make full reference to Liz Hore and Stuart Tamblin as compilers
and indexers. Please quote the full PRO piece number with any

Further information may be found in W Spencer, Records of the
Militia and Volunteer Forces, 1757-1945 (PRO Readers' Guide
No 3, 2nd Edition, 1997) and J S W Gibson & M Medlycott,
Militia Lists and Musters, 1757-1876 (FFHS, 4th Edition, 2000)


Although every effort has been made in the production and
checking of this publication, no warranty as to its accuracy can be
made. No responsibility can be accepted for any inaccuracy or
incompleteness whatsoever.

Musters of the Militia, 1781-82

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